Shipping instructions

Make arrangements with the Proteomics Core to make sure your package will be received on its intended delivery date.

Delivery can be done by using a delivery service company or in person.

When using a delivery service company, use the “Same day” or “Next day” delivery option to prevent samples to arrive thawed. Take into account weekends, local holidays or closings that might delay package receipt.

In general, it is not recommended to ship frozen or refrigerated samples on Thursdays or Fridays.

Refrigerated samples:

Use gel packs or regular ice for samples to be refrigerated and when you are able to deliver the samples in person.

Frozen samples:

Use dry ice for shipping frozen samples.

Shipments are generally recommended to contain 2.5 – 5 kg of dry ice per 24 hours. Refer to your package manufacturer’s recommendations.

A thick poly styrene box or special insulated box will reduce the amount of dry ice needed and allow extended shipping times.

Minimize the volume of air to which the dry ice is exposed in order to slow the rate of sublimation. If there is any air space after you fill your package with dry ice, fill it with packing peanuts or other material to reduce the volume of air space.

Make sure the box is not closed hermetically. During transport, dry ice will sublimate and the gas should be able to escape from the box to prevent explosion.

Eco-tip: Reuse a dry ice box

If you choose to reuse a box, completely obliterate all unnecessary marking such as hazard labels, addresses, FedEx (or other courier) labels and barcodes.

Only reuse a box if you can personally verify it is not contaminated and its integrity is intact. (A box should not be reused if it is torn, cut, stained, or if the insulation is cracked or broken.)

Samples should be delivered in tubes (Eppendorf, 15 ml, 50 ml,...). Samples in plates will only be accepted when delivered in person and if they were not mixed/spilled during the delivery process.

Label your samples well (i.e. make sure to identify samples with the names provided during project registration), preferably with short names on stickers. Also provide a list of all samples to the VIB Proteomics Core. Place all samples in a sealable plastic (ziplock) bag or box before putting them in the dry ice and shipping container.

Label the shipping container with all the necessary information (name of the lab, your name and the PRC project ID, by attaching a filled-in version of the Sender_Receiver_information document.